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EPGP System

Gloria Finis is using EPGP and this addon could be useful if you want to see your current values in game.

Or you could use this link to see your stats.

EP/GP a quick guide.

The system works with three different numbers, EP, GP and PR.

EP - (Effort Points) are obtained by participating in raids and doing other things for the guild. More info on how to obtain EP can be read further down.

GP - (Gear Points) are a measure of the items you have gotten throughout your raid history. Different items have different GP values, depending on their item level and gear slot.

PR – (Priority) is calculated by taking your total EP divided by you total GP (PR = EP/GP). Priority determines who will get the dropped item. The person with the highest PR will have priority on the dropped item.

Every player will get a base GP of 100, and in order to need on an item you need to have at least 1000 EP. This means that even if you have the highest PR, but an EP below a hundred, you won't get the item if someone else needs it, assuming that person has an EP above 1000.

Every Monday a decay is scheduled. This will lower both EP and GP by 7% for all players. The reason for this, is to make sure that one person can't get to the top of the PR list, and stay there without participating in raids.

Rules for Alts: There is no rule for mains getting items before alts. The standard rules, as stated above, applies for mains as well as alts, in other words an alt will need 1000 EP to need on an item. If an officer asks directly for someone to change to an alt, instead of his or her main. Then the EP obtained by the alt, in that raid, can be transferred to the main if requested. The EP will always be given to the character in the raid, unless else is agreed.

Rules for Offspec: If an item drops, and no one needs it, it will go to offspec as usually. The person getting it for offspec can choose half the GP price instead of the normal 50 gold. The standard rules for offspec apply, meaning that some will have priority over others, read the rules section for more info.

More information about the system can be found at http://www.wowwiki.com/EPGP or by asking on the guild forums.

EP can be obtained the following ways:

- Starting raid gives 40 EP - New bosses award 60 EP - Old bosses award 40 EP - Every half an hour spend in the raid awards 40 EP - Standbys will get half EP for the raid, assuming they are online for the entire run. - Not showing for a confirmed raid gives a reduction of 200 EP. This reduction can be discussed if there's a good reason for not showing. You can see you PR values at http://www.epgpweb.com/guild/eu/The%20M%20...%20a%20Finis/

Example 1: Player A has an EP of 2040, and a GP of 340, giving him a priority of: PR = EP/GP = 2040/340 = 6 Player B has an EP of 1460 and a GP of 260, giving him a priority of: PR = EP/GP = 1460/260 = 5.6

Random cool item drops with a GP of 132, which they both need. Player A will get the item, as he has the highest PR. After he's awarded the item, his GP changes and therefore also his PR PR = 2040/(340+132) = 4.3

Even though Player A has a higher EP (he has participated in more raids) than Player B, he now has a lower PR. Creating a balance between the raids you participate in, and the number of drops you get.

In the example below you can see that Killahumie got the highest PR after divided EP(1196) with GP(28) which gives him the PR 42,714. 42,714 is higher than Tavens PR therefore Killahumie got prio.
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