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New rules
12/12/2010 00:28 by missm.

Hey hey

New rules are up now;D
Go go read them.

If any questions ask me or a officer.



None yet.

Blood-Queen Lana'thel down!
02/06/2010 22:11 by Tinno.
Blood-Queen Lana'thel is down!

Now we're just missing Sindragosa and Lich King on 25 man, and with out recent succes with Blood Princes Heroic we're now at 8/12 in 10 man Heroic.

So now we must press on to take down Sindragosa 25 man normal and Valithria Dreamwalker 10 man Heroic!


GJ guys !! Lets go for Sindragosa ;) And Finally a full gloria run :D IMBAGallax at 02/06/2010 22:23
Blood Council down on 10 man HC and new Officer
02/06/2010 10:36 by missm.

Hey All

This week we have got some new members, which helps us getting a guild 25 man. Im hopoing you all will help them to learn the Gloria Finis spirit.

We also started to do a 10 man hc tuesday with prio on hc raider. This week we focused on Blood Council and got them in the end:D Congratz!

Last but not least Trad has gotten a promote for Officer.
So now you can spam him questions etc;D Congratz Trad and welcome to the council.



None yet.

Focus this and next week
12/05/2010 23:32 by Tinno.

Hey everyone :)

This week we will be focusing on downing Lich King yet again to get more Kingslayers ^^

Next week we will be focusing on progressing in 10 man hardmodes.


None yet.

The Lich King Movie
20/04/2010 19:18 by Tyrando.
Here's the final edited version of out first Lich King down a few weeks ago.


Part 1

Part 2


None yet.

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