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 Post subject: Rules of Gloria Finis
PostPosted: Thu Mar 18, 2010 11:09 pm 
General around Gloria Finis

Gloria Finis is a 10-man guild focusing on having a great time. This means Gloria Finis is a mix of PvE raiding, doing achievements, PvP and having a lot of fun sitting in guildchat and on teamspeak.
We will be raiding twice a week – might be more when doing progress.
Even if we are keeping a casual level we only want serious players giving an effort in their character and being really active.
We are trying to keep the amount of raiders at a minimum because of being a 10 man guild. Also because we're a 10-man guild we need to have people showing up for raids, if you cannot show for the majority of the raids this isn’t the place for you.

Characters in the guild
We've got different ranks in the guild to ease administration.

Guild master: Missm
Officers/raidleaders: Trad (trid, Herde) and Heijbaby

Raiders: Active characters, being able to raid every week.
Trials: Characters on trial, is promoted after they have proved their skills.
Reserves: Characters/alts ready for raiding but haven’t got a safe spot.
Social: Characters being here for the family aspect.
Alts: Alts from people having a main in the guild.
Be aware that inactive characters will be removed after 3 month offline time.

We are raiding every Sunday and Thursday and some Wednesdays during progress. Invites start at 19.30 and raids end at 22.30.
Be aware that raider ranked players got first priority on raids until the day before the raid. So reserve and alts can log in and check if they are confirmed the day before raid.

We are using the ingame calendar to sign for raids. And it's important to note that if you sign we expect you to show up!
Not showing for a signed raid will lead to warnings and might end up in a removal from the guild or a demote.
If for some reason you can't make it or can't stay the entire raid, you're expected to inform the GM or an officer before raid start.
Breaks will only be had, when the raidleader so chooses.
Unless specifically asked, you're joining raids with your main spec.
As raids will be changed from time to time you are not allowed to pug any raid until after last weekly raid.

Loot distribution
Starting SoO we changed our looting system. We used to use EPGP in the guild but we felt like it wasnt needed anymore. So now we bacisly only use rolling but having the officers as lootcouncil in case of problems. The atmosphere in our group is generally such that we know each other well enough for it to be truly beyond doubt who needs the item more.

Rules for Offspec: If no one can use an item, and some wants it for offspec, they can have it.
People willing to use their offspec in raids have an priority on the item.
BOE items are not distributed as offspec, they can be bought from the guild bank for half AH price.

If you want to switch main spec, you need to contact an officer. Its not guranteed that you can change spec in the middle of a expansion.

You need to have: Deadly Boss Mods and Decursive or similar

During raids, you need to be able to get on Ventrilo. Ventrillo info can be seen ingame.

Feel free to write or speak, but you have to be polite and harsh language will not be tolerated.
You are not allowed to chit-chat during a raid.
Most, if not all, information will be given through the forums, so you're expected to log on from time to time.
Keep an eye on the guild message of the day.


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